Environmentally friendly operations make sense for Scandic and its Customers
At Scandic, we work hard to minimize our carbon footprint.   Scandic operates the business in a safe, environmentally-conscious way. It’s not just good for the planet — it’s also a lower-cost way of operating.

Sustainability Efforts:

  • We have installed a 93 kW photovoltaic system which supplies almost all our electrical needs                                
  • Our waterjet uses a closed-loop filtration system
  • Wastewater treatment is done with an evaporator and the small residue is sent to an authorized treatment center
  • We recycle all scrap metal, sorted by alloy (8,000 pounds per month)
  • The lubricants and cleaning agents we use are approved for on-site neutralization and disposal
  • We installed skylights throughout our facility to lower lighting costs and making for a more pleasant atmosphere
  • Most motors are retrofitted with variable frequency drives for lower power consumption
  • Flexible work hours allow employees to avoid rush hour traffic, saving fuel, time, and money