Tooling Services

Our tooling staff has a combined experience of over 100 years. We design and build the custom tooling necessary to produce your part, and we also build tooling to order.
Scandic's tooling expertise includes:
  • Tool design engineers
  • Tool and die makers
  • EDM programmers and operators
  • Machinists

Scandic has a strong apprentice program to grow our staff for the future, with fully-paid tuition for certificate programs, advanced degrees, and ongoing professional training.

We design and build:
  • Progressive dies up to 95 inches long
  • Tooling with automatic in-die tapping
  • Fourslide tooling
  • Blanking dies
  • Compound forming dies
​​​​​​​With one of the largest tooling staff in the Bay Area, Scandic also performs contract tooling work for a wide range of customers. We design, build and maintain tools for customers who don't have in-house tooling staff.