Scandic is a custom metal stamping and spring coiling manufacturer. We build parts to our customers’ specifications, with particular emphasis on parts made from spring materials.
  • For parts stamped from flat stock material, we have 13 presses ranging from 32 tons to 220 tons. Maximum strip width is 24 inches. We also stamp parts with our 9 fourslide presses and tooling, especially when the part is made from spring temper material or when it has forms which are more acute than 90 degrees.
  • In spring coiling and wireforming, we operate both mechanical and CNC machines. Wire can range up to 0.148” diameter. Our 5 CNC machines allow production of a wide range of wireforms with little or no tooling cost.
  • Prototyping and short run projects often start with our fiber laser and waterjet centers.
  • Internal finishing processes include deburring, passivation, and inert atmosphere heat treating. Subcontracted processes include all types of plating and anodizing.