Scandic. Northern California's largest stamping and spring company.

As the largest stamping and spring company in Northern California, Scandic is the leading source for custom metal parts. We offer raw material guidance and information on heat treating and plating. Scandic can handle your project from prototyping to soft tooling to hard tooling for millions of parts, shipping worldwide.



We are specialists in stamping both thin-gage spring materials, and recently we have added capacity to go up to quarter-inch thick strip.

Coiling & Wire Forming

Scandic has the largest group of coiling and CNC wireforming machines in Northern California.  


Our range of fourslide presses can handle your intricate stampings and wireforms. 


​​​​​​​Fast Prototypes! Even the best designers need to prove out a concept first before going to hard tooling. We are structured to turn your prototypes quickly.